Trump Takes An Unnecessary But Not Totally Farfetched Shot At The Jets

The Jets continue to be choke artists because that’s who they are and who they always will be.  They are headed by a man who has never played a down of football in his life and made a career off of baby shampoo.  He’s just a rich buffoon who wears a silly hat with a suit and doesn’t know the first thing about winning.  He didn’t play part in the bed shitting in Buffalo yesterday, but he’s still at fault because the fans have been through hell and back and he’s the owner and that’s how it works.

I did not need Uncle Don to chime in and kick us while we’re down.  I really did not.  But he does make a decent point.  The Jets are losers because they’re owned by one gigantic loser who sits in his ivory tower and doesn’t know chinstrap from a linebacker.  Jeb Bush has zero chance in this election if that partnership is true.  I thought everyone hated most of these Republican candidates and Jeb was gonna slip into the White House while everyone else beat the shit out of each other.  That’s literally impossible now.  When you willingly team up with Robert Wood “Woody” Fucking Johnson, you’re sealing your own fate.

Not sure if the Donald can take a football team to the promised land, but the formula hasn’t worked since 1969.  Now that I think of it, I’m absolutely SHOCKED that Donald Trump doesn’t own a sports team.  Kind of a combination of Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban, and Al Davis.  I’d trade Woody Johnson for Donald Trump as owner of the Jets in a heartbeat, and I’d drive Woody to the airport to seal the deal.

PS – I hate sports.



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