Funniest Videos Of 2015 #1: Girl Gets Wham Sauced At Track Meet Finish Line


Video of the year. When you get “Wham Sauced” like that, people don’t forget. There may never have been a better sequence of events to occur in such a short period of time. Getting the banner set up with like 20 yards to go, attempting to retrive it, getting hit by a truck, being completely airborne for what seemed like a day, it was all too perfect.

The collision was incredible; absolutely breath-taking. From the first millisecond of contact to when she hit the floor, I had one of those “Will Ferrell peacefully drowning in the pool with a tranquilizer dart in his neck” moments. It was a real out-of-body experience. I can only imagine the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel feelings that chick was having. And I say that because she died. She was dead. I know they picked her up and helped her walk off, but she was a limp, pre rigor mortis, dead corpse. You don’t get your clock cleaned like that and live to tell the tale. Ts and Ps to her family and friends.

“He just wham sauced the meet crew. It doesn’t matter he’s a National Champion.” I want that written on my tomb stone. That’s my legacy and my epitaph. A tip of the cap is deserving for the commentator who was able to separate his emotions from the moment, remain objective, maintain impartiality, and give an ALL TIME quote.  Guy doesn’t give a FUCK about the girl that just got lit up.  Next time don’t put yourself in harms way, babe.


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