Funniest Videos Of 2015 #2: UVA Girl Destroying The Dance Cam


I won’t even get into the fact that awarding that guy with the win is the biggest sham in Dance Cam history.  That’s pretty clear.  He must be somebody’s nephew or something.  This girl is the scariest girl I’ve ever seen, yet I’ve never been so drawn to anyone in my life.  That snarl will haunt my dreams and live on in NCAA infamy.  But at the same time I want it on a poster on my wall.  Dance Cam Hall of Fame, first ballot inductee.

If I know only one thing, it’s that this girl couldn’t be less interested in basketball and goes to the games solely to DESTROY the dance floor.  I’m saying these home games are top priority in her life.  She doesn’t go to class.  She doesn’t study.  She doesn’t drink (because she blacks out when it’s her moment in the sun).  All she does is close the door to her room, dim the lights, lace up the dancing shoes and choreograph her next performance.  Preseason exhibition against South Harmon?  Time to shine.  Must win rivalry game against Duke?  Time to shine.

How about that friend of hers?  The only sense I can make out of that is that she’s there to make the star shine even brighter.  Bringing a gross friend with no rhythm to make yourself look better is actually an ingenious move, and I’m upset I didn’t think of it first.  But all in all, electric dance moves.  It was a performance of a lifetime.  We are all witnesses.


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