Funniest Videos Of 2015 #3: Basketball Ref Suffers The Greatest Hamstring Cramp In History

Fun Fact: this was the first video to surface on in this calendar year.  I knew instantly that we had something special on our hands and that it would be tough to beat.  You can’t hobble down court with a torn hammy and go down like a pack of potatoes and get away with it.  Referees are a curious bunch let me tell you.  They all have their own unique style, antics, and little quirks that are oddly compelling.  If you’ve never looked away from the game for a minute to focus on the referees, you’re missing out.  Some of these guys bust ass up and down the court, sprinting from end to end like their pants are on fire.  It’s totally unncecessary, and it’s great stuff.

Watching this poor sap pull up at half court with a cramp and limp down the sideline like a goddamn warrior only to then regain his footing for a moment before being SNIPED from the upper deck was like a storybook ending.  You really can’t tell if his leg cramped or if he got shot.  BOOM.  Right in the leg.  Hits the floor before you even know what happened.  Gruesome injury if you think about it, I’m talking Joe Theisman type stuff.  Can’t focus on anything other than if you’re gonna have a leg tomorrow.  A complete incapacitiation and inability to perform.

I swear I had one of the worst leg cramps of all time.  My hamstring tightened up in the middle of the night and I woke up with full belief that I was going to die.  I lay there alone, writhing in pain, my life flashing before my eyes, unable to move, waiting to die.  I thank god every morning for giving me the strength to continue.  Hall of Fame leg cramp really, maybe the worst ever.  Close second here though.  Although I’m not really sure if this guy lived.

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