Funniest Videos Of 2015 #4: Guy Freaks Out About Neighbor Shoveling Snow Onto His Property


I need to own up to something.  I was wrong.  I’m man enough to admit it.  Back in February I played both sides of the fence and eventually sided with the cameraman because I thought angry Gary was entertaining.  But now I realize it was just mean, and he didn’t deserve that.  Premature decision making on my part, and I’m taking accountability.  Glad I got that off my chest.

Neighbors are always neighborly while the weather is good.  But once the snow falls, all bets are off.  People will plow their driveway/property and not another inch.  It’s every man for himself out there when there’s snow on the ground.  The “hey how’s it going?” when you walk to the mailbox goes out the window with inclement weather.  There’s no obligation for small talk or chit chat.  You get a free pass.  And everyone knows that you gotta keep your own snow on your property somehow.  It’s basic human decency to mind your spacial boundaries when shoveling snow.  Make big piles next to your driveway, plow only one side, whatever you gotta do to clear space for yourself without violating the municipality-drawn property lines.  Once you cross that line, that’s when tempers start flying.

Gary is very much within his rights to get angry.  The guy filming and antagonizing his a scumbag, plain and simple.  Gary should maybe consider seeing therapist about his anger or a doctor about his blood pressure, but only Gary tells Gary what to do.  I’m Team Gary till I die.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Gary gets drunk on random Monday’s and sneaks outside to take a shit in that guys lawn.  Gary is the old man that the kids always ding dong ditch, meanwhile he’s getting his revenge in off peak hours.  You don’t wear a Starter jacket like that and allow people to push you around.

Everyone has a neighbor like Gary. There’s this old guy who lives across the street from me who is unanimously hated by everyone else.  People go out of their way to ignore him and his family as far as I know.  I’ll wave when I drive by because if/when he goes on a murdering spree I want to be spared.  There’s also a guy who lives behind me who mows his lawn 365 days a year, multiple times a day. Total psychopathic shit. But I won’t mess with him at all because I’m 90% sure he’s a serial killer.  Everyone thinks he’s a normal guy who fixates on maintaining a clean yard, but as someone who can read people I’m onto him.


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