Funniest Videos Of 2015 #5: The Walmart Fight Of All Walmart Fights


I’d love to see the moments leading up to this.  I have a feeling the lady in the scooter parked in a handicap spot and walked to the store to get into a scooter and the other woman caught it and called her out on her phoniness.  They probably locked eyes in the toilet paper aisle and traded a few dirty looks.  Mom and Johnny most likely took up the width of the grocery section and got really offender when Scooter Woman tried to sneak by.  (Note: they have never done grocery shopping anywhere other than Walmart).  I don’t know what happened.  But I know remedial English-level words were exchanged, someone insulted someone’s trailer, and the rest is history.  One moment you’re stocking up on batteries and cottage cheese, and the next you’re in a tustle with shampoo flying everywhere.

Walmart fights have saturated the YouTube industry to the point that it’s hard to differentiate any two videos and/or appreciate any of them.  But when you incorporate YOLO tshirts, motorized scooters, and shampoo, it earns itself a spot in the upper echelon of Walmart duels.  It’s reassuring to know that complacency is a lost art; innovation is more prevalent than ever.  Cell phones too thin for headphone jacks, shampoo bottles being used as weapons, moms in YOLO tshirts going barefoot at Walmart, WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

PS – You can’t film a fight at Walmart and call the people fighting “white trash”.  Glass house, buddy.

PS2 – Still can’t get over the fact that the lady who tries getting involved only to get bitched out by Johnny himself reveals that she doesn’t have a cell phone.  I know Walmart is basically the Four Seasons in that town but come on.  EVERYONE has a cell phone.  Not having a TMobile prepaid cell phone at Walmart is like being the only person who shows up to the wedding without a gift.  No better way to alienate yourself.

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