Funniest Videos Of 2015 #6: Waka Flocka Reading 50 Shades Of Grey


What a year it’s been for Waka Flocka.  Decides to run for President again because the first time he wasn’t 35 years old even though he still isn’t 35 years old.  Crazy move.  Crazy like a fox.  Only Waka Flocka could pull off a stunt like that.  We really could use a guy in office with humility and flare, both of which are available in mass quantities with Waka.

Nobody has ever gotten as much joy reading anything more than this man reading 50 Shades of Grey.  It’s always funny to see people in a situation that’s foreign to them.  That’s not so much a joke about Flocka’s reading ability but more so him reading a book like this, and loving every second of it as a matter of fact.  He literally stopped reading in disbelief to call the girl a freak.  Waka Flocka got hard reading these pages, he said so himself.  Dropping a subtle “pause” that very few people can understand was so perfect.

Anyone who thinks he didn’t see this in theaters multiple times with different chicks simply doesn’t understand how anything works.  Imagine Waka Flocka’s sex life before seeing this movie.  That shit will make the average man depressed.  Cannot even begin to fathom what kind of weird shit he’s getting into now.


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