Does Rutgers Have The Best Looking Football Coaching Staff In The Nation?


Rutgers football is back baby!  Coach Chris Ash and OC Drew Mehringer (age 28 by the way) together have created the best looking coaching staff in the country.  Rutgers has been a perennial loser over the years, lots of disappointment and ugly losses.  No more of that.  I’m not saying we’re gonna win many games, but we’re gonna look good.  We’re gonna look good on game day, we’re gonna look good at practice, and we’re gonna look good stealing everyone’s girls on Easton Avenue.

You can say there’s no correlation between being a stud and producing wins on the football field, but you’re only lying to yourself.  Good looking people prevail, and we have a couple Rico Suave’s on our sideline now.  Players need to respect the coaches they’re playing for on and off the field.  That’s nothing new.  It’s tough not to respect guys who look like this, Mehringer in particular.  They’re gonna clean up off the field and take care of business on the gridiron.  We may run the table next year.



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