Funniest Videos Of 2015 #8: Dad Loses His Cool At Girls Hockey Game And Breaks Glass


They’ve seen this movie before.  All of those parents have.  The players have seen it too (girls, by the way).  The refs are used to it by now.  Nobody really reacted because this is not the first time something like this had happened.  The sarcastic “Way to go, Paul!” was laugh out loud funny.  Those people come to the games to see what kind of dramatics Paul’s bringing with him.  You think they give a fuck about girls pee wee hockey?  “Maybe Paul’s gonna stab someone today!”  The players and referees just skated away after the glass broke with the body language that screamed “here we go again”.  Paul’s daughter was probably embarrassed on the bench like “Welp, my dad is drunk again and is probably gonna get arrested so can someone drive me home?”  Paul’s bag of tricks alone is worth the price of admission.

I’d like to think this is what being a drunken abusive parent is like.  You come home from work and start drinking, it starts with a beer and then 2 beers then next thing you know you’re blacked out and beat up on your wife and kids and then the next day you don’t even remember doing anything, but everyone’s looking at you a little weird and you just try to carry on with your day as usual.  Paul just goes to girls hockey games and gets enraged with anger to the point where it escalates from cursing at the refs to threatening people and their families to breaking the glass and interrupting the game.  And then he snaps out of it and is in the car driving his daughter home.  Shows up to the next game like everything’s all good and doesn’t even notice that nobody is sitting near him.  And then he does it all over again.  Vicious cycle.


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