Funniest Videos Of 2015 #9: UConn Mac And Cheese Asshole


This almost wasn’t even in the conversation for a top 10 spot because “funny” isn’t really the right term to describe this video.  It’s more pathetic and maddening than anything else.  But when you throw a belligerent hissy fit over bacon jalapeño macaroni and cheese in the student center, you’ve earned yourself an accolade.

One of the more absurd videos you’ll ever see.  Videos go viral every single day, but this was a must-see like you read about.  A drunk college kid berating the manager to know end, insulting him and patronizing him like he wasn’t worthy of breathing the same air as him.  Saying his name was McLovin.  Getting taken down by a sous chef.  Becoming the laughingstock of the entire country all over macaroni and cheese.  Spielberg couldn’t have scripted this any better.  We’re so blessed to live in an era like this.

It’s the hilarious, cringeworthy, heartwarming story of a scumbag getting exactly what he deserves except a swift kick in the head.  Shout out to the students who watched and did absolutely nothing.  I think being full nelson’d by a cafeteria worker for the entire world to see followed by expulsion from the university is punishment enough though.

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