Funniest Videos Of 2015 #10: UNF Freshman Band Dancer



And so the countdown begins.  I re-introduce Stephen Putnam, now sophomore, former freshman student at North Florida, band member, and dancing machine.  When your school is 15 minutes away from their first trip to the big dance, you can’t allow destiny to play a factor.  You can’t leave a 2-point lead to chance, not with March Madness at stake.  There comes a time in everyone’s life where they have a chance to make a memory, to take matters into their own hands, to do something BIG.  Most people don’t take advantage of such opportunities.  Stephen Putnam is not most people.

We all have a buddy like this who gets a little looser than everyone else when you go out to the bar.  One moment you’re putting back a few drinks up against the bar, then you notice that your group has inched closer to the band, and then you turn around and your one friend is going NUTS on the dance floor.  You think it’s hilarious, everyone else moves away quickly, it’s a ridiculous scene all around.

You don’t learn these dance moves on YouTube or Vine.  The only place where you develop a rhythm like this is BAND CAMP.  Bunch of freaks just getting kinky and weird and taking drugs and developing the ability to improvise a dance routine for the ages.  The dance was incredible, that’s a fact.  Trying to predict what he was gonna do next was outside the realm of possibility even for my brain.  I don’t think anyone knew he was gonna do the “water cool down” move; I don’t think even he planned it and it just happened.  10 stars on my grading scale.

How about that random black guy trying to steal his moment in the sun?  Bro this is not your moment, no need to run up 12 rows to get on the big screen.  Saturday Night Fever doesn’t need your help.  Don’t be a hero.

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