Weird Athlete Tweets Of The Week

Jose Canseco arguably the best twitter in the game.  This has been a fact for quite some time.  And this is one of the top tweets of all time.  You just don’t see random Rosa Parks acknowledgements in the morning of the first day of December anymore.

I have no memory of how this showed up on my feed, but I’m forever grateful.  This is the type of tweet you expect from a typical college kid cramming for exams and pulling all nighters.  “All I want is money for guac at Chipotle, 12 extra hours in the day, and like 5 margaritas!”  Nope.  Just former Yankee Ricky Ledee.

No clue why this one’s funny but it just is.  Classic move really, to tweet at someone with the same phonetic name as you and subtly reference that you share that name followed by a witty joke.  Sorry about those homers dude!  My bad!  Textbook Twitter 101.

Seeing someone random tweet something ridiculous is one of the anomalies that I oddly enjoy.  It’s just as exciting as getting drunk with someone for the first time.  Before than I had my preconceived notions and opinions on that person, and getting drunk with them was a blast for an inexplicable reason.  Your opinion changes quickly to “wow I never thought about getting drunk with them before but I’m glad this happened”.  In this situation it’s “why have I never read their tweets before?!”



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