Eric Notes (November 2015)


Here’s an interesting concept, to say the least.  IT’S OKAY TO BE SELFISH.  Obviously I don’t mean that in the sense that it’s totally okay to worry about yourself only a have a “me first” attitude always and not give a shit about anybody else.  But there’s no problem with putting yourself first in certain times and situations.  I could be cynical and say that it’s a dog eat dog world and the only person you can fully trust is yourself.  You don’t spend more time with anyone other than yourself, so there’s no shame in taking time to take care of yourself and put yourself in a good position on every level – mental, physical, financial, spiritual, emotional, etc.

I never thought of the word selfish in a positive light before seeing this video.  “You are your greatest asset.” It’s simple and incredibly powerful at its core.  It’s not so much about a lack of consideration for others as it is a commitment to building your character and your future.

I’ve read from books and articles of some of the most gifted minds of our time, and all of them preach on the notion that giving to others provides more benefit than any tangible possession or personal achievement.  Giving creates that personal satisfaction that we, often unknowingly, seek so strongly.  In a way, we’re doing good for ourselves by doing right by others.  It’s the opposite of selfish.

“It is best to cultivate both distance and a degree of detachment from other people’s shifting emotions so that you are not caught up in the process. Focus on their actions, which are generally more consistent, and not on their words. Do not take so seriously people’s promises or their ardor in wanting to help you. If they come through, so much the better, but be prepared for the more frequent change of heart. Rely upon yourself to get things done and you will not be disappointed.” – Robert Greene, Mastery

Becoming the best all-around person you can be is the most important ingredient in constructing a successful future and a happy life.  It is very possible to help others while helping yourself too.  Sometimes you need to get your mind right and your life in order so that when an opportunity arises to aid in someone else’s life, you’ll be better suited to do so.

You can’t expect too much from people because unfortunately there are a lot of people who truly only care about themselves.  But a rational person with a genuine understanding of the power of empathy would tell you it’s okay to work on YOU to put YOU in a good place.  Anyone who doesn’t say that is not someone that will help motivate you and make you a better person.  They will only hinder your growth.



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