The Feel Good Story Of A Man Who’s Hot Pocket Craving Saved His Life

FOX: A man who lived at the Ohio apartment building destroyed in a fiery plane crash Tuesday says an errand to buy Hot Pockets saved his life.

He left home to run errands Monday and took slightly longer than planned because he stopped to buy the microwavable turnovers for dinner and breakfast. The 38-year-old factory worker says he saw flames as he drove toward home, and a bystander explained that a plane had just crashed.

Bartley said Tuesday it’s a tough situation to comprehend. He says thinking about it has made him feel nauseated and want to cry, but he’s also very grateful.

On multiple occasions I’ve thought that a Hot Pocket has saved my life.  It was somewhat of a staple in my college diet on late nights or the struggling mornings after those late nights.  But I will say that as much as I enjoy them, it wasn’t my fault.  They were like 4 for $6 at Stop and Shop, so I was suckered into that every time because that’s an impossible temptation to ignore.  And then I’d get coupons for free Hot Pockets on my next purchase.  It was a never ending cycle.

Anyways, nice story here.  A little pick me up at the beginning of the week to remind everyone that things could be worse.  In fact, there’s a few real lessons here that are applicable to our lives.  1. Don’t feel too bad about procrastinating things; if you would have bought the hot pockets yesterday, you wouldn’t have gone today and a plane may have crashed into your apartment while you were eating the aforementioned Hot Pockets.  2. Don’t take Hot Pockets for granted.  3. Don’t underestimate the power of frozen food.  Anyone who’s ever said “Eric, don’t you think you’ve had enough?  You’ve already eaten 6 Hot Pockets” can go right ahead and kick rocks.

The most amazing part of this story is that this guy said he needed to restock Hot Pockets for breakfast and dinner.  He’s doing Hot Pocket two-a-days.  When you commit to a lifestyle like that, you deserve to catch a break like this.  After all he’s done for the Hot Pocket business, it’s about time Hot Pocket reciprocated.

PS – Nobody has ever cooked a Hot Pocket to perfect temperature.  It’s either ice cold or you burn your entire mouth and ruin the coming 72 hours for yourself.  As a long-tenured Hot Pocket veteran, a little trick is to cut it in half on an angle and let it cool.  It looks fancy and you will still undoubtedly destroy the roof of your mouth, but that’s the price you pay for diving into the world of Hot Pockets.  In a weird way you almost look forward to the pain because the pleasure that succeeds makes all problems go away.



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