Status Update On The Rutgers New Brunswick Renovation That Seemingly Will Never End

Ever since they kicked the Grease Trucks out of the lot across from Scott Hall, I haven’t had the same respect for Rutgers as I once had as a young lad.  Coupled with the pathetic athletic program, I generally operate on a 20-80 love-hate relationship with RU.  It was a tough pill to swallow rolling down College Ave to see zero grease trucks and instead a bunch of construction cones and crains and cement trucks.  During the waning hours of the last ever Rutgersfest, I vivdly remember seeing 50 people surrounding one of the trucks and literally rocking it back and forth.  And then some kid climbed up in the window and stole a box of dutches like it was no big deal.  You don’t forget those things.  That moment will remain in that parking lot for all of eternity, regardless of what New Brunswick has planned for that location.  And speaking of which…

The Tab: Chris Paladino, president of New Brunswick Development Corporation, said seven out of nine businesses are in the process of signing leases for locations below the luxury on-campus apartments on the corner of College Avenue and Hamilton Street, across from Scott Hall. Paladino confirmed the businesses would include: RU Hungry, Bella’s Burger Shack, Krispy Pizza, Honeygrow, Jersey Mike’s Subs, House of Cupcakes, and Starbucks. Paladino said Surf Taco might be the eighth business. The ninth business will be either Microsoft, Apple, a hair salon, nail salon, a convenience store, or something of that nature. The Yard at College Ave is phase two of the $300 million College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative projected to be completed and occupied by students and businesses by August 2016. Phase one was the completion of the Honors College on Seminary Place. Next is the new Academic building next to the Honors College.

Listen that sounds real nice and all.  Really adorable stuff.  It’s going to pair amazingly well with Rutgers’ new birthday present.  But this is not what needs to be done.  You want to destroy the timeless tradition of the Grease Trucks and eliminate 300 parking spots in a city that’s DESPERATE for parking, all for a new apartment complex as a pawn in the giant 85-year New Brunswick renovation plan?  Fine.  I can live with that.  What I can’t live with is this predictable nonsense spewing from the mouths of all these high and mighty committee guys sitting in their ivory towers.  They don’t know what students want and need.  I do.  I’m surprised they don’t want to put another Froyo/Bubble Tea place.  There’s only 19 of them on Easton Ave, I think New Brunswick could use at least one more.

How about a gigantic beer garden/outdoor bar?  I just made New Brunswick a gazillion dollars.  Big TVs and picnic tables and food trucks bordering the property?  When it’s nice out, cornhole and music and happy hours.  That’s all weather-permitting obviously.  So make it indoor with retractable walls/windows.  Krispy Pizza?  More like Krispy Kreme AMIRITE?!  That’s my only free idea, the rest are gonna cost ya.  I can’t keep dishing out my ideas with nothing in return.  I’m not sure if that property is technically on or off campus but it may as well be in the middle of campus.  It’s a college town and will always be that way.  Don’t be a hero and drop an Apple Store where people wanna eat a Fat Bitch and yell at people on their Rutgers tour (if you’ve never done that you’re doing college the wrong way).

PS- Okay fine one more idea.  Statue of RBK.  I’ll never forget the day I saw him tebowing by that very bus stop.  If you’re uneducated on the legend of RBK you’re not a true Scarlet Knight.



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