Shia LaBeouf Watching Shia LaBeouf Movies For 3 Days Straight

Shia LaBeouf continues to amaze me.  He takes it to a new level every single time.  Yesterday he’s taking over a freestyle rap circle in some foreign country, the day before that he’s arrested in broad daylight for jaywalking, today he’s sitting in a NYC movie theater watching his own movies for three days straight.  Shia LaBeouf is an absolute lunatic walking amongst us.  He probably should be in a straight jacket, but instead he’s eating popcorn with the same hand he cleans his ear with and sleeping during his own movies in the aisle because that’s how he fucking rolls.

This isn’t even that strange, especially for him.  Umm have you not heard of method acting?  Maybe you’re unfamiliar with the time where he cut himself to make his army wounds look more realistic.  Shia is an artist.  If you have a problem with him doing not much of anything exciting at all, here’s the link.  It’s literally just a camera right in his grill while he watches the genius (himself) at work.  If we’re being honest (and that’s what I’m all about, honesty) it’s not all that riveting.  It’s not an Oscar performance.  Which is exactly why he’ll probably win an Oscar.  If it’s not for this, it’s for his next role.  If it’s not his next role, it’s the one after that.  It’s dedication.  It’s Shia.  It’s the Academy awards.


Would do ANYTHING to get a first hand Stanley Yelnats character assessment from Shia himself.



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