I’m Embarrassed To Be Apart Of The Same Species As Anyone Upset With The Starbucks Red Cups

Of all the dumb things people protest, this Starbucks ordeal has to be the silliest.  For anyone not up to speed on this “story”, Starbucks abandoned the Christmas decorations on their red cups this year.  In years past the red holiday cups have reindeer and ornaments, their “symbols of the season” conveying a clear Christmas-y theme.  Starbucks elected to pull the pictures and offer just the plain red cup.  The goal is to be more inclusive to all people and not cater solely to Christmas celebrators.  And while I don’t fully support companies going away from something that works to please more people, it’s an easy PR boost and really no big deal in this scenario.

Well obviously this is a huge deal because there’s always people who will go against the grain and look for something trivial to complain about.  Christians are upset about this change, so much so that they genuinely believe Starbucks took away the Christmas from their cups because they “hate Jesus”.  That is an actual common theme from human brains.  There are people boycotting Starbucks because their RED cups aren’t Christmas-y enough.  And the people that don’t think boycotting is powerful enough are telling baristas their name is Merry Christmas, essentially forcing them to write Merry Christmas on the cups.  You people need to find hobbies.  Do yoga, take a cooking class, catch a movie at the local cinema, read a book, do something productive with your time because this is so ridiculous.

Do you not realize how insane that is?  It’s coffee.  It’s coffee……  I feel dumb for even asking this, but who cares what your coffee cup looks like?  Anyone who takes offense to this change is an asshole and needs to get off their high horse.  You don’t see the Jews lining the sidewalks with picket signs angry that they don’t have blue cups.  You activists need to take a hike and come back down to earth.

If this is how the world is going to be moving forward, count me out.  I want no part of a society like this.  Everyone just bitches and moans about such nonsense for the sake of self importance.  Stomping your feet like a goddamn child is so uncivilized it hurts to be associated with people like that.  The fact that it’s even a story is so preposterous and embarrassing as a person.  I will not elaborate anymore because it’s a waste of my time, and unlike you idiots, I cherish my time and use it wisely.


Shout out to B for the tip.



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