Happy 250th Birthday Rutgers, Here’s A Big Sign As A Gift

250 years and this is the gift, a gigantic sign that says RevolUtionary.  It looks like the IAMSTERDAM letters.  Something that will be the focal point of Instagrams for the next decade, a future vandalization project, and more simply a blockade for people trying to walk across the grass.  I’ll be honest, I can’t think of any gift that I actually would have liked.  Maybe a new football coach?  Maybe a clean house of the entire athletic department?  For 250 years, Rutgers has earned a reputation for mediocre athletics, so I’m taking it upon myself to make a birthday wish on behalf of the university.  I wish for the next 250 years of athletics at our school to be nothing like the first 250 years.  Specifically, the last 20 years, and specifically football and men’s basketball.  Our claim to fame is being the Birthplace of College Football.  Awesome stuff, and that obviously can never be taken away from us.  But the list ends there pretty much.  We can do better.  And this gift could have been better.

A real gift to the university would be to put the grease trucks back in their rightful spots.



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