I’ll Say It, I’m Thrilled To See The End Of The Pepsi Porch At Citi Field

NJ: There will be no Pepsi Porch next season. The Mets and Pepsi have severed a sponsorship deal that began when the Mets moved to Citi Field for the 2009 season, a Mets spokesperson confirmed. And with the end of the deal is the end of the porch too.

The exact end of the current sponsorship deal is unclear but Pepsi will not be sponsoring the seating next year.

This is FANTASTIC news.  It was a catchy name, there are no doubts about that.  People love alliteration, everyone knows that, especially the letter P.  Peter Pan, Pied Piper, Peppermint Patty, Petey Pablo, Pepsi Porch, etc.  Those are all golden names.  But what people are forgetting is that Pepsi is a loser.  It doesn’t surprise me one bit that the frugal Wilpon’s aka Coupon’s partnered with Pepsi instead of Coke.  They were probably paying 99 cents on the dollar and creamed their pants at the opportunity.  And now they got all cocky because the Mets made it to the World Series.  They probably went back to Pepsi demanding 98 cents on the dollar.  Pepsi most definitely laughed in their stupid faces, and I don’t fault them one bit.

I’m not sure why any company would want to partner with the Mets.  I get it that money talks, but the Mets are associated with cheap owners and losing.  The culture in Citi Field needs to change.  The soda in Citi Field needs to change.  Start serving Coca Cola products, and this team has a better chance at winning.  The Mets side with Sierra Mist over Sprite, Pepsi over Coke, and losing over winning.  This had to happen.  GREAT day for the Mets, may go down in history.

Hey Pepsi, take Murphy with you.



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