Here’s My Two Cents On Daniel Murphy

I have hated Daniel Murphy for as long as I can remember.  It seems like every game I’d watch, he would do more harm than good.  I’ve referred to him publicly as a scrub, a bum, a one-tool player, one of the worst second basemen in baseball, and so many other words that I’d feel ashamed for typing because I have something called self-control.  His base running mistakes have cost the Mets games on numerous occasions.  His defense has been a major liability for his entire career.  I remember a game in Florida where Johan Santana took a shutout into the 9th inning and Murphy dropped a fly ball in left and they lost 1-0.  Years ago when asked where he plays, he said he “bats third”.  He does not have a position.  He has legitimately been arguably the biggest cause of stress in my life.  The one thing he’s done pretty well consistently is hit.  And as important as hitting is (last time I checked you can’t win without scoring), that’s about all he brings to the table.  The world saw both sides of Daniel Murphy this postseason.

His home run streak was absolutely incredible.  It was an unprecedented run that nobody saw coming, especially Murphy himself.  He was dominating some of the best pitching in baseball day in and day out.  Every HR was more amazing than the one before.  What Daniel Murphy did was legitimate video game cheat code stuff.  He had the coveted Backyard Baseball aluminum power bat for 7 games in a row.  And it’s not like he’s this power hitter either.  He’s a contact, line-drive hitter who has never been praised for his ability to hit the long ball.  It was amazing to witness, it will probably never happen again, and I will never discredit him for essentially carrying the Mets to the World Series by himself.  I’ll go as far as to extend a personal Thank You to him for allowing me to witness history and experience the greatest October of baseball I have ever seen.  And then it all came crashing down, as I predicted, and right on cue.



I don’t think anybody was surprised that his bat cooled off, especially with that 6-day layoff.  He had already done enough at the plate as far as anybody was concerned, myself included.  His offensive explosion was enough to overshadow any question marks the Mets may have had against the Dodgers or Cubs.  Then again, they did everything pretty perfectly until the WS.  But let’s call a spade a spade.  Daniel Murphy blew game 4 and quite possibly the World Series.  There were a number of paradigm-shifting, game changing, series altering events that can be the pinpoint of why the Mets lost.  But his error in game 4 really shifted the momentum.  What should have been a 2-2 series with Harvey looming the next night, Daniel Murphy erred a routine ground ball that tee ball players are expected to make.  That was it.  The series was over when that happened.  Everything I hated him for came full circle at that moment.  I was right all along, and I hate myself for it.

Gary Cohen referred to him as a “net-negative” a few weeks ago.  Even I will admit that’s a bit harsh.  Considering that the Mets have legitimate question marks at every infield position, Murphy could be a fine utility guy and fill in where needed around the diamond.  With Wright’s back in shambles, and 3rd base being his “natural” position, the hot corner makes the most sense.  It’s rare to have a player who can “play” a bunch of different positions, and having him as an option to platoon with basically everyone in the infield could be a good asset.  But he’s going to look for everyday player money, and if I’m ownership I am not prepared to fork over that kind of dough.  My only defense for keeping him has nothing to do with his home run heroics in the playoffs because he nor anybody else will ever do that again.  But I can’t say that at this current moment there’s a better replacement for him.  If he signs with another team today, I think whoever fills that void is a downgrade.  I’m trying to talk myself into believing that he belongs on this team.  But I haven’t changed my opinion on him.  It’s hard rooting for someone who you hate with the fire of a thousand suns.

If the Mets overpay for him, I don’t know what I’ll do.  Owners that have lied about having money to spend for the last decade have no business overpaying for someone who can’t run the bases or play defense.  I don’t see that happening, but it would be such a Mets thing to do though.  But for me, I want him gone, plain and simple.  I think his playoff stats helped his cause in terms of landing a big contract, and if he gets that big deal he’s looking for, more power to him.  It’s more reason for the Mets not to sign him since he probably earned himself an additional $40M+ in October alone.  And although they don’t have a better replacement for him today, Daniel Murphy leaving this team would be a great thing in the long run.  That’s my two cents because that’s what I think he’s worth.

He also openly hates gay people.  I’m not sure how that correlates to the baseball field, but it doesn’t not correlate either.




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