I’m Here To Settle The Chopped Salad Vs. Tossed Salad Debate Once And For All

First let me say that all those high and mighty people who think “salads are for pussies” can go kick rocks.  I had to get that out of the way.  Okay now we can get to business.

I don’t see one advantage to having a salad chopped.  Tossed salad or no salad if you ask me.  Every piece of every ingredient being the same size is just weird.  We add in different vegetables and proteins and fixtures because they all have a unique flavor, texture, and color.  If everything looked the exact same, the appeal is completely gone.  I like having big chunks of avocado with little pieces of carrots.  You may as well pour your salad in a blender and destroy it to mush.  Let’s not try to reinvent the wheel here.  It’s no different than getting those burgers where the cheese bacon and onions are already inside the patty.  Take a hike with that garbage.

And another thing.  Whenever the salad maker asks me if I want chopped or tossed, I always say I don’t care and they look at me like I have 30,000 heads.  They just stare at me until I cave and make a decision like it’s some super important question.  Just throw some dressing in and let’s keep this thing moving.

You may not have even realized it, but this is a debate.  That’s what we do here at TheEricHammer.com.  We tackle the everyday issues that nobody takes the time to talk about.  Well it’s time to talk about it.

PS – It doesn’t help my case but this is one of the best under the radar vines out there.



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