The NFL Is So Stupid

When you dominate every other sport and every other show/event on television, your ego gets a little steam underneath it.  Simply put, Roger Goodell oversees a gargantuan corporation and because of so can essentially do whatever he wants.  When you’re the head honcho, you get to call the shots, and nobody can really do much about it.  The NFL has gone through a major change over the past few years.  Some would go as far to say that football has gone soft, and it’s a decent argument.  The refs call pass interference on every deep pass, nobody can celebrate after a touchdown, everyone has to be on their best behavior at all times.  It’s a joke.

They send teams to fucking EUROPE to play a game at 9 in the morning and have the AUDACITY to not put it on television.  I’m not even going to get into how insane it is to consider putting a real life NFL team in England.  Anyone who can’t see that has broken eyeballs and a stupid brain.  This morning’s Bills/Jaguars game was two garbage football teams, and we couldn’t even watch it.  Why put the game on CBS or NFL Network when you can live stream it on Yahoo?!  It’s upside down and ass backwards.  How does that make any sense?  It doesn’t.  It’s hard enough for me to get from my bed to the couch on Sundays, the last thing I need is to have to watch the LONDON game on a goddamn COMPUTER.  I feel like I’m on crazy pills unless everyone else feels the same way and just refuses to speak up.

And another thing.

Roger Goodell and the NFL should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for the way they handled this Cam Heyward situation.  It should be a non-story, but the NFL has to make it about themselves, regardless of the context of the scenario.  It’s not about right versus wrong for them, it’s about the NFL exercising their authority in every which way, and that’s the end of it.  Just to bring anyone up to speed who’s unfamiliar with it, Cam Heyward has been writing “Iron Head” on his eye black during games to honor his father.  The NFL fined him for violating the league’s uniform policy or some bullshit like that.  Long story short, Heyward met with the NFL and has decided to not continue to wear the eye black with his dad’s commemoration on it.  I fully recognize and understand that rules and policies are in place for a reason and that a line needs to be drawn to maintain structure.  But there’s a right way to govern those regulations, and this is not it.  How would it have gone over if Devon Still wrote “LEAH” on his eye black?  It’s just not right.




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