That Colts Botched Trick Play Last Night Is An Embarrassment To The NFL


Well that was something.  No exaggeration, no hyperbole, no joke, this is the worst play in NFL history.  It’s worse than the Butt Fumble.  It’s worse than Eli’s one handed, jumping, lefty INT in the end zone.  It’s even worse than Dan Orlovsky running 3 yards out of the endzone.  It’s worse than ALL of those plays.  And aside from the pass that should have been a handoff to Beast Mode in the Super Bowl, this is a contender for worst play call of all time.

Obviously it didn’t go as planned.  There seemed to be some sort of miscommunication or just complete mental breakdown across the entire roster and coaching staff.  It looked like a miserably failed attempt at the Annexation of Puerto Rico*.  Physical mistakes on the field are one thing.  Mental mistakes happen all the time also.  But the fact that Chuck Pagano thought he could outsmart Bill Belichick is inconceivable.  I am not a smart man.  One thing I do know is that Belichick and the Patriots have been a thorn in my side for a decade.  Another thing I know is you can’t outsmart him.  He doesn’t allow his players to get caught off guard under any circumstance.  They are prepared and ready for anything at all times.

A handoff to a special teams guy up the middle against 15 defenders isn’t going to cut it in this league, plain and simple.

*If you don’t know what the Annexation of Puerto Rico is then fuck you.



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