My Debut On The Kiss Cam Was A Huge Hit

2015-10-14 16.38.26

The Mets sucked last night.  But I sucked face last night.  On the Kiss Cam.  In front of 45,000 people.  It was glorious.  It was magical.  It was kinda hot and steamy to be honest.  I’ve said it for years, and I said it a few weeks ago that I would make the most of my first chance at Kiss Cam fame.  I don’t know how the Mets didn’t score a few more runs after that because I’m pretty sure the stadium erupted with approval.  To be honest it all happened so fast and was all a blur.  But I gave it my all.  We would have been “couple of the game” too but they gave it to these 2 old bags celebrating their 50th anniversary.  What kinda bullshit is that?  I don’t know if they even kissed.  In fact, they announced that the couple was celebrating their 50th before they had a chance to kiss.  They were playing with a stacked deck.  Can’t compete against that, nobody can.  Whatever, fuck that shit.  THE PEOPLE LOVED US.  Great job, B.  Couldn’t have done it without you.

Rapid reaction from some friends at the game who were lucky enough to witness the fireworks live:










Shouts to Scott for catching the aftermath on camera.

Oh and let’s not forget about the promise I made to the world back in January.  I’m a man of my word and a goddamn Kiss Cam hero.






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