The UConn Mac And Cheese Kid AKA The Biggest Asshole On Earth


This video has gone viral in the last 24 hours or so, and rightfully so. It’s the most MUST WATCH video in recent memory. America has the right to know who the biggest asshole in the world is.  THIS kid.  Nobody in the world deserves what this cafeteria manager got.  Nobody gets paid enough to deal with dickheads like this.  It takes a tough-skinned person to willingly work a job where you deal with drunk college kids on a daily basis.  But nobody signs up for this shit.  And while I can understand where this drunk idiot is coming from, it’s just plain wrong.  I absolutely know the feeling, being wasted and having my mind set on something specific to eat and then getting there and it’s closed.  I was up in the boonies of Massachusetts earlier this year for a wedding and made a late night move to Taco Bell; probably was the only Taco Bell within 100 miles, and long story short, when we got there the ovens “weren’t working”.  It was devastating, but I didn’t throw a fit because I’m a reasonable human being.

What’s weird for me is how this kid ended up here in this place, by himself, at this level of rage and brute.  But then I realized what friends he had came to the realization that hanging out with this piece of shit was a liability.  Word on the street now is he was kicked out of UMass and now kicked out of UConn, so he’s pretty clear he’s got some issues.  Probably just some spoiled kid who has a problem with authority; in this case, poor Cafeteria Manager Guy was the authority figure.

There’s a special place in hell for people who berate other people at their job.  You often see it at McDonald’s or KFC and now the UConn Student Union.  They’re providing a service to you, so act like a decent person, mind your own business, and get in and get out.  Although technically he was refused service here.  Once someone starts yelling like this, you gotta just give him the bacon jalapeno mac and cheese before things escalate.  This guy did everything he could to defuse the situation and suppress this scumbag’s anger, and I commend him for not cleaning this kid’s clock when he put his hands on him.  Yelling and screaming like a toddler is one thing, but standing your ground in front of all those people after getting insulted and then pushed is another story.  By the way, having someone point at your name tag and reading off of it in mockery has to be the most emasculating thing of all time.

I cannot even imagine how good this mac and cheese is.  It has to be unbelievable.  But that doesn’t warrant an outburst of this magnitude.  Bro you’re in COLLEGE.  How bad can your life be?  I’m surprised somebody else didn’t kick this guy’s ass.  Me personally, I’m not doing a thing.  I’m not the guy who stands three feet away with my camera in their faces, I’m not the guy who calls the police, I’m not the guy who tries to step in between as a completely outside third party, I’m just a bystander.  I’m going to mind my own business and not get in anyone’s way because that’s what people do.  Not getting involved with this psychopath, no thanks.  Don’t be a hero.  And speaking of heroes…

Not all superheroes wear capes:





But they do wear aprons and funny hats.  “You are down!  You don’t touch my boss!”  How about this fuckin guy?  This is as loyal as they get.  Gotta promote this guy to manager or send him on a vacation or bake him a pie or something to show gratitude because he saved the day.

I will say this kid caved quickly once he was taken down.  He maintained his role as the antagonist throwing around insults and curses, and as soon as the cops showed up he’s all “I am absolutely fucked!”  That was priceless.  In summary, this kid is currently the worst person on Earth.  Is the Death Penalty too harsh because I don’t think so.  He deserves what he’s got coming to him, and it should be a nice kick in the dick from the real world because his life is over and his future is ruined.  He also deserves to get knocked the FUCK out, but I don’t wanna get my hands dirty.

PS – The only mac and cheese worth causing a scene over is from La Rosa right here in sunny Manalapan, NJ.

PS2 – Telling the guy his name was McLovin was a savvy, veteran move.


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