Warren Buffett Was In Full Shoulder Pads At The Dolphins Game

Old people have recently become a real fascination of mine.  They’re as entertaining as any other species out there.  And as far as I’m concerned, they’re their own species, in their own class, truly one of a kind.  They’re either strutting their old balls around the locker room, driving 30 mph under the speed limit, wearing full pads to the Dolphins game, or anything of the like.  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see a fan in the crowd wearing shoulder pads.  Superfans are some of the most interesting people on planet earth.  But this is no ordinary fan, this is Warren freaking Buffett we’re talking about.  Yes, that Warren Buffet, as in $66.7B net worth Warren Buffett.  There are so many questions that can be asked here, but there’s one that stands out that I haven’t heard anyone else mention yet.

Does Warren Buffett, billionaire tycoon businessman, know where he is?  There’s probably a 10% chance he’s fully aware of where he is and what he’s wearing.  I’ve said it before, but it seems that everyone gets to a certain age or a certain stage in their life where they genuinely don’t care what anyone else thinks about them anymore.  It could be the deteriorating brain no longer having the ability to identify emotions/reactions in other people.  It could be a genuine lack of concern because they’ve lived so long and seen so much that people making fun of them has literally zero impact on them.  Whatever the cause is, the effect is tremendous.  The human brain man, crazy shit.

When you’re 90 years old and worth billions, there can’t be many things that you haven’t done in your life.  I don’t fully understand this but I love it.  If Warren Buffett wants to embrace is senility and wake up on Sunday morning and do a ton of blow and put on shoulder pads and wander off to the Dolphins sideline, so be it.  Dude probably thought he was gonna get playing time if we’re being honest.



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