I Have Longed To Say These Words…NL East Champions!

It’s a great time to be a Mets fan.  In a year with more ups and downs than I can ever remember, the stars aligned and the Mets did what they needed to do.  I’ll try to keep it short because as much as there is that can be said, it’s not about what the Mets did but what still needs to be done.  It’s absolutely amazing that they’re gonna be playing playoff baseball and even more amazing that they won the division.  The team today compared to the team 2 months ago is night and day.  You can attribute this team’s success to one moment or player but every storyline came together to make a winning formula.  It was the no-trade and Wilmer Flores crying.  It was Cespedes hitting a million homeruns.  It was the parakeet.  It was Matt Harvey becoming the villain.  It was sweeping the Nats.  It was David Wright coming back from spinal stenosis to play the October baseball he has yearned for since ’06.  Whatever you want to remember is fine, but without one thing, the next may not have happened.  Without the struggles (aka having one of the worst offenses in baseball history), the successes wouldn’t have become.

If you would have told me in April that the last week of the season would be meaningless, I would have absolutely believed you.  But nobody could have predicted that would have been because the Crashionals pooped their pants all the way to the golf course.  Months ago I would have absolutely signed up for October baseball.  But now that we’re here, I want more.  This season will be deemed a success regardless of what happens in the coming weeks.  We have waited almost a decade for playoff ball in Flushing, but there’s still lots of work to be done.  Are the Mets the best team in baseball?  No, probably not.  But you don’t have to be the best team in baseball to win it all.  You need to be the best at the right time.  That means timely hitting and clutch pitching down in the postseason.  It doesn’t matter that the Mets played in a garbage division.  All that matters is getting in.  Even playing field once the playoffs start, and the Mets have just a good a chance as anyone.




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