Bryce Harper And Jonathan Papelbon Fighting In The Dugout Perfectly Sums Up That Mess Of An Organization


Such a fitting end to the Nationals season.  Things have been falling apart for weeks, and the Mets finally closed the book on those losers yesterday.  I’ve stayed quiet for the most part in terms of trash talking because I genuinely believed the Mets would choke up until 2 weeks ago.  And obviously it’s easy now that we locked up the division, but the Crashionals deserve everything they’ve gotten and are going to get.  Matt Williams ran that team into the ground and the team has defied him because of it.  Last week Max Scherzer screamed at him when Williams tried taking him out of the game.  Now the biggest scumbag in baseball is calling out the soon-to-be biggest dickhead in the league for not running out a pop up in a game that means absolutely nothing.  It’s certainly not news, but it’s complete anarchy in the nation’s capital.  It couldn’t happen to a better team, and nobody deserves anything different more than those “fans” in DC.  This is going to go down as one of the most disappointing seasons ever, right?  Experts and analysts unanimously chose the Nats as their World Series prediction.  They’re gonna be lucky to finish .500.  They buckled under the pressure and this summarizes it perfectly.

It takes a special kind of asshole to make Bryce Harper look like the victim.  I loathe Bryce with every fiber of my being, and he’s undoubtedly going to torment me for the next 15 years.  But his numbers were off the charts this year, and I can sort of understand is frustration being the best player on a dumpster fire baseball team.  And I hate to defend him, but there’s nobody worse than Jonathan Papelbon.  He’s a washed up hothead who’s going to be a has-been when he has no job come April.  Just last week I tweeted about his antics after he beamed Manny Machado in the head.  Nobody likes Papelbon anymore.  I don’t think Papelbon even likes Papelbon anymore.  And the ultimate coup de grace was Harper telling the press this situation equates to brothers fighting.  That’s priceless.  The only thing better than Geno Smith getting punched in the face is Bryce Harper getting choked out by his own teammate, regardless of who it is.

You know your season is in the toilet when there’s players fighting in the dugout.  I love it.  Fuck them.

PS – Matt Williams let Papelbon go back out there after that scuffle and allow the go ahead home run, against the Phillies.  Hilarious.





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