Peter Dinklage Spit His Gum Into His Wife’s Mouth Before Accepting His Emmy


The Dinkles!  This is the most savage thing you can do.  It’s right up there with that Everton fan who wiped his snot on some lady’s head.  The debate going on right now is whether or not he actually committed the act or not.  OF COURSE HE DID.  That’s what The Dinkles does!  Anyone with eyes and half a brain knows that’s exactly what happened.  He was surprised to win, hence why he was chewing gum in the first place.  He pulls away from the kiss and mutters something to his wife, and by something I mean “holy shit I won I’m giving you my gum act casual”.  And the first thing he says on stage is that he was chewing gum.  Past tense, because he stuck it in his wife’s esophagus with his tongue.  Such a boss move.  And equal credit given to his wife for being a team player.  That’s what you call your better two thirds (midget joke).



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