People Who Preface A Lengthy Post With “I Don’t Usually Post Stuff Like This” Suck

You know exactly what I’m talking about.  The day something happens in the news, everyone wants to get their two cents in (usually three).  Some societal issue has made headlines, a presidential candidate challenged the status quo, a disparity in equality is causing tension, etc.  You want everyone to know your stance on the matter, and you want to sound educated and well-rounded, I get it.  And I don’t fault anyone for that.  I try to know enough about as many things as possible so that I can hold my own in any conversation about anything.  Furthermore, who am I to tell anyone when they can or cannot voice their opinion.  God knows I’m not gonna stay quiet thanks to that ever so clutch freedom of speech.

But I don’t like when you try to justify your thoughts with defense.  Saying “I don’t usually post stuff like this” doesn’t just permit you to write whatever you want.  You can write whatever you want because that’s the way it is.  And it’s also probably a lie.  I feel like I see the same people writing overdrawn paragraphs about current events, and they always start with some variation of “I don’t usually post stuff like this”.  In fact, you do usually post stuff like that.  Just own your thoughts and don’t apologize for them.

It’s sort of similar to when you blatantly make fun of someone and follow it up with the classic “no offense”.  Basically everything you said before that gets erased and/or you can’t be held accountable for it because your “no offense” was meant to be apologetic.  You can say whatever you want as long as it wasn’t intended to be offensive, right?  And nobody can get mad at you for writing a prolonged letter to the world about the most recent social issue if you claim to not do it very often, right?  Just say what you want and fuck anybody who has a problem with it.  That’s the foundation America was built on.  If we backed off our actions because some third world country was jealous of our manpower, we wouldn’t be number one.



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