We’ve Seen The End Of The Kiss Cam

The Kiss Cam as we know it is no more.  The timeless, entertaining, HARMLESS Kiss Cam is quickly reaching its expiration date.  Last week, the news surfaced that the Mets would stop showing two opposing players on the Kiss Cam because gay people were offended by its distastefulness.  Syracuse University is the latest to come forward with plans to potentially pull the Kiss Cam altogether; the reason this time is because some guy thinks it’s perpetuating rape culture.  The Kiss Cam is constituting sexual assault.  Can you believe that?  This is the time we’re living in.  And it’s a guy too.  Typically women raise concern about something that could be perceived as misogynistic or “rapey” as the kids say nowadays.  This is some bizarro world stuff.

Let’s grow up.  Anyone who thinks that showing two opposing players on the Kiss Cam is offensive has a big dump in their pants.  All that means is “you’re a visiting player and therefore the enemy so we’re gonna play a small prank on you at the expense of 40,000 people laughing for 5 seconds”.  It’s certainly not a gay joke by any stretch.  “Oh let’s put two Nationals players on the Kiss Cam maybe they’ll kiss and we can laugh at them for being GAY!”  No, that’s not how it works.  It’s a joke that everyone gets a kick out of, including the opposing players usually.  Now if the camera panned to two random fans in the crowd, I can see how that can be misinterpreted.  That’s a slippery slope that’s best avoided, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with embarrassing the other team.  That’s the whole fucking point of the game anyway, to make an example out of the opponent in every facet possible.  Ever hear of home field advantage?

I feel like in today’s day and age, anybody can throw their hands in the air screaming and complaining and eventually get what they want.  People are so worried about being politically correct in order to protect their image, so much so that when the first person throws a temper tantrum they’ll just cave to avoid making the problem worse.  It’s ridiculous.  If you read the Syracuse article, you’ll most likely feel what I feel in that there’s absolutely no way the fucking KISS CAM promotes sexual assault.  You don’t have to read it to know very well that that’s insanity.  If you’re on the Kiss Cam, you gotta kiss someone.  And when you abstain from doing so, they usually show another few couples and eventually go back to you in hopes that you’ve changed your mind.  The crowd eats it up.  And if you again refuse you get booed.  That’s life, man.  Don’t wanna be on the Kiss Cam?  Don’t go to the game.  Or sit in the cheap seats by yourself.  It’s all in good fun, it’s the Kiss Cam, and it’s not homophobic or promotion of sexual assault.  Holy moly I cannot believe people are so riled up over the god damn Kiss Cam.

I hate people.

PS – If I’m ever on the Kiss Cam I’m sticking my tongue down my girl’s throat.  That’s what the people wanna see.




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