I’m Detoxing For The Remainder Of September For My Own Good


My small tastes of Mets playoff runs have been few and far between.  I was 8 when they lost the Subway Series in 2000; I remember very little, and quite frankly I was too young to really care all that much.  Obviously losing to the Yankees sucked, but it didn’t have a true, profound impact on me as a youngster.  2006 was tougher; I was 14, really starting to invest my core emotions into this team, so losing to the Cardinals the way it all played out was something I’ll never forget.  But now I’m 23.  I can’t even begin to describe how much time I’ve put into this team.  I rarely miss a game.  I live and die with every single pitch.  Every night is a rollercoaster.  I am so committed to this team it hurts.  I’ve stuck with them through thick and thin over the years, and this season has been so different that I almost don’t know what to do with myself now.

Friday night I declared it countdown time for the Mets.  The Nationals suck, the division is ours, and if things somehow manage to go terribly terribly wrong I will literally kill myself.  Washington is in a full-fledged self-destruct mode, and all signs point to playoff ball in Queens.  I don’t even know how I’m going to handle that.  I get worked up watching games against the Marlins in May, I legitimately don’t think I’ll survive an entire series against a real team, let alone an entire postseason (if we’re so lucky).  Every single day will be a severe emotional test.  I’m not gonna sleep, I’m gonna be drinking, I’m gonna be stuffing my face, I’m going to smell, I’ll be on edge all the time, and people aren’t gonna like me.  Everything I have inside my being will be committed to the playoffs.  Time, money, emotions, body, everything.

It’s gonna be a period of straight disgustingness for me.  No time for showers, no time for exercise, no time for rational thoughts or conversations with people.  So I’m gonna have to get into peak shape now.  I will take a turn down that dark road come October 9th.  So for the rest of September I need to detox.  No alcohol (except on football Sundays).  No fried food (except on football Sundays).  I will hit the gym hard every day (except on football Sundays).  I will keep good relationships with people close to me (except on football Sundays).  I’m gonna read every day to get mentally right (also, except on football Sundays).  It’s all about future planning and thinking ahead.  It’s about paving the road today for tomorrow’s journey.  I know for a fact that I’m gonna turn into a mean, irritable, stressed, disgusting monster, so I will make up for it now with a great September (maybe, we’ll see, probably not to be honest).  It’s gonna be salads and yogurts and smiles for days.


Let’s Go Mets!



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