The Mets May Have Just Buried The Nationals

I don’t want to get ahead of myself because I won’t be totally confident until we clinch, but I think the Nationals had their funeral last night.  The Mets quite possibly buried them on September 9th, 2015.  We kicked them right in their dicks and put them six feet under.  This 3-game set was gift-wrapped for the Nationals to swipe the division from the Mets and they fell flat on their faces.  A go-ahead grand slam on Monday gone to waste.  A 7-1 lead in the 7th inning and 2 outs on Tuesday gone to waste.  A thousand strikeouts from Strasburg and a lead last night GONE TO WASTE.  Matt Williams has run that team into the ground, and it’s been fun to be on the receiving end of his poor managing.  Drew Storen can’t strike me out right now.  Bryce Harper has turned on the fan base, and things have spiraled out of control for that pathetic excuse of a baseball team.  This team probably should have been good enough to win the World Series, and I’m looking forward to them being on the outside looking in.  Those “fans” don’t deserve it anyway, not even a little bit.

Tuesday night was arguably the greatest regular season win for the Mets as long as I can remember.  They had no business winning that game, and the Nationals handed it to us.  Not only did they hand it to us, and on a silver platter I might add, but the Mets took full advantage of it.  That’s the biggest difference with this team I think.  In years past, the big hit never would have came, and comebacks would have fallen short.  In years past, the Mets are dead and buried.  But this is not most years.  There’s a swagger like I’ve never seen before.  Everyone in a Mets jersey is all in.  They have a formidable lineup on the field every single day.  6 weeks ago they were trotting Eric Campbell and John Mayberry Jr. out there, and we were lucky to score a run.  The Mets have one foot on the gas and the other on the Nationals’ throats.

Weird things continue to happen to this team.  Wilmer Flores was CRYING on the field after being “traded”, and since then he’s hit a walk-off HR and some other big hits.  Kirk Nieuwenhuis was traded for a bag of balls, and when he found his way back to NY he hit 3 jacks in one game, not to mention the heroic game winner in Tuesday’s comeback.  This Matt Harvey saga is not your typical late-season news.  One day it’s Wilmer Flores, the next it’s Kirk fuckin Nieuwenhuis, the next it’s Kelly Johnson, it’s incredible.  Juan Uribe is slinging his dick around in the clubhouse belting out Backstreet Boys hits getting ready to party with JAY HOROWITZ, this guy, the Mets PR guy who’s belly is unexplainably disproportionate.

It’s strange story after strange story for this team.  Abnormal things happening to an abnormal team.  Something about this year is different.  I heard my dad mention the words “World Series” this week for crying out loud; that’s literally never happened.

On a more serious note, I’m not happy with Matt Harvey right now.  He handled this situation very poorly when it didn’t have to come down to that.  All season he fought the Mets when they tried to cut innings from him.  It was Harvey who had an issue with the 6-man rotation; the rotation, by the way, was implemented specifically to preserve Harvey’s arm later in the season.  It was Harvey who fought the Mets all spring and summer when they took him out of a game an inning early or skipped a start, all for the betterment of Matt Harvey’s arm.  It’s perplexing to say the least that we’re just finding out about this “concrete” 180-inning limit.  I’ll point the finger for now at Scott Boras because he’s a greedy asshole, but that doesn’t take the blame off of Harvey.  When asked about it, all he had to say was some variation of “whenever I’m called to the mound I’ll be ready to go at 100%”.  Should the Mets have had a better idea of what Harvey’s target/limit would be?  Without a doubt, especially for a guy as important as Harvey and who’s agent is Dickhead Boras.  But I don’t think anyone expected to be in this situation, that being the division leader (by 7 games) on September 10 and ready to potentially make a deep playoff run.  It’s hard to imagine that Harvey, a guy who LOVES the limelight so much, may not want the ball in a playoff game.  It’s almost unfathomable.  Let’s just keep winning and get there and let things play out.  But I’m ready to tell Matt Harvey to go fuck himself if he doesn’t come through big.

I don’t remember any team of mine every creating a buzz like this 2015 Mets squad.  This is a better and more deserving Mets team than in 2006.  It’s a fun time on the Mets bandwagon right now.  David Wright, the Captain, is playing with a chip on his shoulder longing for his first taste of postseason ball since 06.  Cespedes is hitting bombs every night.  They’re a must watch every time they step on the field because it’s either a lights out pitching performance, an offensive explosion, a dramatic comeback, or something in between.  No lead is safe against these guys.  They’re resilient beyond belief, and they do not quit.


PS – I’m gonna name my first child Yoenis.



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