Meaningful September Baseball

It felt like I was dreaming, waking up this morning, September 1st, with a 6.5 game lead in the NL East.  I imagine that was a common theme amongst Mets fans and Nationals fans as well (lol).  This season thus far has been an absolute rollercoaster.  For a while the offense was one of the worst in history, and just a week ago they were setting scoring and home run records.  Wilmer Flores was crying on the field, and now the bench is deep for the first time in years.  We’re in a legitimate pennant race.  We are about to play MEANINGFUL SEPTEMBER BASEBALL, and it hasn’t set in yet.  This upcoming series in Washington will be the first taste because the Phillies don’t even count as a real team right now.

The Mets just won an unprecedented 20 games in August.  20 wins, 8 losses.  And 4 of those losses were by only one run.  That hasn’t happened since 2000, and the Mets won the pennant that year.  The good news is that they don’t have to repeat that in September, although it would be nice.  They can essentially play .500 ball the rest of the way because the Nats will need to go on an incredible hot streak and even that may not be enough.  And they haven’t been able to string together a decent streak all year.  As a cynical Mets fan, that makes me think their hot streak has to start sometime, most likely now in the final stretch.  But they’ve been pretty mediocre; they’re plagued by injuries, their manger is hated by the entire fan base, and the Mets have taken advantage and must continue to do so.  We need to go pedal to the medal, foot on the gas, and step on their fucking throats to rightfully claim the deserving NL East banner.  As AWESOME as it would be to clinch during that final series at home and against the Nationals, I’d prefer to not sweat this one out.  Let’s sweep the Phillies and the Nats and watch them crumble.

We can check ‘Meaningful September games’ off the list.  Now let’s get pop champagne and win this division.  One thing at a time.


PS – Every true fan knows it’s gonna end up being that daunting 7 game lead with 17 games to play.  That’s just how the Mets roll.



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