Rutgers Football Dance Battle Almost Makes Us Forget That They’re Gonna Get Steamrolled This Year


I’ve said it before, but every time you see any kind of footage of a team that’s not the actual game, it’s pretty cool.  Locker room postgames, mic’d up sidelines, practice shenanigans, etc.  That’s why a show like Hard Knocks does so well, because you get a glimpse at the behind the scenes that otherwise would have been left to imagination essentially.  And then when you get to see athletes do non-athlete things (i.e. have a dance off after practice to compete for ice cream), that’s the cherry on top*.

White backup quarterbacks out whipping teammates, linemen getting down and dirty, chipwiches galore, it’s great stuff!  And it almost makes you forget about the fact that they may not win a Big Ten game this year.  Well played.  They say a lot about what motivates players and what a coach has to do to get their players to believe in them.  Lots of coaches are old school and are big proponents of discipline, others like to keep it light.  But the real trick is to give ice cream incentives.  It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing for a game against the Strawberry Mighty Mites or THE Ohio State, ice cream bribes are the pinnacle of motivation factors.  Say what you want about the Rutgers football team on the field, but there’s no denying this F.A.M.I.L.Y. doesn’t love their coach.  If it’s not dance offs to close out the preseason, it’s the prestigious Club Ice.  Don’t remember the first one?  Here’s this years:


*Pun intended as usual



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