Adam Schefter Using Gigantic Font On His Phone Says Everything You Need To Know About Him

This is such a Schefter move.  If the humble brag that he’s close enough with Frank Caliendo to call him ‘Frank’ isn’t enough, there’s always the size 4000 font that verifies how old Schefty really is.  Holy moly can the letters get any bigger?  He can tweet all he wants and act like he’s superior to all the civilians waiting at his doorstep for breaking news, but there’s no hiding his true colors with magnified text like that.  Soon enough he’s gonna need a plane to write in the sky for him.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he was actually like 65 years old.  ESPN dyed his hair and gave him a crash course on Twitter, and he just devalued all of that hard work with the revealing of him basically being blind.

PS – Saying he “thinks” he’s in the new Madden game is the cockiest thing I’ve ever heard.



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