Juan Uribe Led The Mets In A Backstreet Boys Jam Session Today In The Clubhouse

NJ: Uribe’s reaction to the Backstreet Boys tweeting about him: “I like that song.”

This could be the greatest Mets story of all time.  I love the Backstreet Boys, and I love the Mets, and I officially love Juan Uribe.  This news makes me so happy, I can’t even describe it.  The fact that the Mets are jamming out to BSB in the clubhouse on game day is reason to believe they may never lose again.  A month ago, they probably all sat in silence before and after games.  Hell, they probably couldn’t even look at one another.  As a fan, they were unwatchable for so long.  But now they’ve loosened up, they’re hitting a million homeruns every night, and Juan Uribe is leading heading the karaoke parties.  How can you not love this guy?  “I like that song.”  THAT’S GOLD.

Every team has their song.  Is it I Want It That Way?  It might have to be.  It’s a little slow, may have to go with Everybody.  I can see Citi Field rocking to that song after Familia closes the door in the 9th inning in October.  And I can see other teams embodying the lyrics too.  “Oh my god they’re back again!”  Larger Than Life jams too.  This little taste of happiness is nice, but now I’m greedy and I need more.  More homeruns, more wins, more Juan Uribe belting 90’s boy band tunes, and I need playoff baseball in Flushing.  Hit it, Boys!



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