Roll N Roaster Is NOT Closing Despite The Rumors

Sheepshead Bites: Staff at Roll-N-Roaster, Sheepshead Bay’s beloved roast beef sandwich maker, said they received more than 100 phone calls on Sunday after a wild conspiracy theory emerged online that the restaurant had been sold to a condo developer and would close in October. “One woman was crying on the phone and another walked in and she was in tears,” said manager Eric Rodriguez after denying there was any truth to the rumor. “It’s absolutely false. Roll-N-Roaster is here to stay and is not going anywhere.”

This is not the first time people have speculated about the end of the 45-year-old fast food joint. Rodriguez explained that a similar rumor circulated online a little over eight years ago. However, he said the faulty gossip was good for business. Many people come in to find out if the restaurant is closing and then stick around to eat after their worries have been put to rest.

Let’s get one thing out of the way.  I broke this news.  I was the first person to put out the public word that Roll N Roaster is actually not closing.  Go check the times of when the first rumor surfaced, and you will find that my tweet was the first dismissal of the fallacy.  Facts only here at

In a world obsessed with being first, I’m happy to deliver such wonderful news to everyone.  Hearing the rumors that the historical Roll N Roaster was closing was like a dagger to the heart.  There’s no better fast food place (if you even want to call it that).  If you’ve never experienced the glory that is Roll N Roaster, your life has been dull up to this point.  That feeling in your heart that something is missing has gone unresolved because you haven’t indulged in Roll N Roaster’s roast beef sandwich.  Rare cooked meat, double dipped in gravy, layered onto a fresh bun ready to absorb the gravy drippings.  It’s impossible to only eat one.  And don’t get me started on their cheese fries.  Oh, they also have pizza, and it’s phenomenal.

“Eric, what are your sources?  How do you know they’re not closing?  And how could you possible know before everyone else?”  I’m glad you asked.  I investigated.  I went in person to check out the scene and get answers to my questions.   The manager shot down all of the false rumors about the property being sold.  He said it’s not the first time this has happened, and each time it’s been great for business (as the article above says).  It makes a ton of sense if you think about it; everybody hearing about it and making extra efforts to make a trip there and telling their friends who do the same thing.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the owner himself broke the story.

I’m not even a big roast beef eater.  I’ll eat it cold if we have no turkey in the house, and maybe if it’s being served at a wedding or party or something (hot from the carving station).  But this place has some magic that I can’t explain.  It looks like a rundown piece of shit fast food place, but it’s always packed inside and chaotic up at the front counter.  They’ve done it right for years, and, thankfully, it appears that trend will continue.




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