My Waitress Who Said A Corn Dog Is A Sandwich Should Be Thrown In Jail

Let me paint the picture for you.  I’m in Philadelphia with the family for a mini tropical vacation.  We sit down for some afternoon drinks, as any regular vacationer would.  It’s a pretty cool place on the water, picnic tables, big time hipster vibe if you know what I mean.  The menu is small and wacky.  It was also horizontal, so that should have been a red flag right off the bat.  But I was too concentrated on my multiple frozen raspberry lemonade cocktails to care about petty annoyances.  One section of the menu is labeled ‘Sandwiches’.  There were burgers, chicken sandwiches, etc.  Also under the SANDWICHES section were Lettuce Wraps.  That’s literally the opposite of a sandwich because you elect the lettuce wrap to avoid the bread (avoid the sandwich).  There was also a Corn Dog a few items underneath that.  I immediately shared my frustration with the table, and as you can already predict, I made sure everyone knew my stance on the matter and made every effort to bring all members over to my side.

The waitress comes over and we ask her to try to make some sense of our confusion, that the corn dog menu item is listed as a sandwich when it is, in fact, not a sandwich.  Without hesitation, the waitress says that since it is wrapped in bread, it’s basically a sandwich.  I looked around to see if anyone’s jaw had dropped like mine.  But to my dismay, nobody really had an issue with her response.  Umm hello?!  What planet are we living on?  Last time I checked, a corn dog is wrapped in cornmeal, not bread.  And even if it was bread, how does that make it a sandwich.  It’s on a stick.  Name another sandwich that comes on a stick.  You can’t.

I literally could not believe my ears when I heard that.  She offered that OUTRAGEOUS opinion so nonchalantly you could have missed it altogether.  I almost spit out my frozen raspberry lemonade cocktail.  How unprofessional is that for a restaurant’s waitstaff to be spreading lies like that to patrons?  Because that’s exactly what she did.  Corn dogs are not sandwiches in any universe.  She lied.  Almost have to feel bad for the owner who hired such an unintelligent waitress to represent the business.  But then again who knows what other kind of bullshit they’re concocting behind the scenes there.  That waitress should be thrown in prison, and even that’s pretty reasonable.

All they had to do was make that menu section something like ‘Sandwiches, Wraps, and More!’.  There’s not many things worse than being confused reading a menu.  I sat down to eat a nice meal and give you money, don’t make it difficult.


Shouts to Diaa for the encouragement.



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