Wawa Named America’s Favorite Convenience Store In Unsurprising Fashion

UWISHUNU: A new report has declared Wawa America’s favorite convenience store. The annual study, by Market Force Information, polls thousands of consumers to find out what convenience store is the country’s favorite. The survey was conducted in June 2015. Last year, Wawa was #2. This year, it moved up to the top spot. The top three spots actually went to regional brands – Wawa, QuikTripand Sheetz; the highest national chain came in at #4.

Uhh yeah no kidding.  We don’t need a study to prove that Wawa is the perennial powerhouse of convenience stores.  I’m reminded every single time I walk into a Wawa why I love it so much, why everyone loves it so much.  I don’t even have to go inside; I can drive by and I still get butterflies.  Going into detail about what makes Wawa so great would be beating a dead horse.  But if you want a crash refresher course, think back to the time when the entire town of Manalapan cried together when Wawa closed.

Do they even have convenience stores west of Pennsylvania?  It’s all just farms right?  Convenience stores are an imperative component to a thriving economy in New Jersey, I can say that with confidence.  Folks around here worship Wawa like they do the Bible down south.  It’s a way of life.  I genuinely feel sorry for the states who don’t know what Wawa is.  It’s bad enough being landlocked and having no access to the beach, but it’s another thing to be deprived of access to a chicken cheesesteak shorti.  I seriously pity the people who have never experienced Hoagiefest.

The biggest omission on that list is Pantry 1 aka P1 (official new nickname by the way).  The breakfast sandwich is a Rolls Royce compared to Wawa’s 2004 silver Nissan Sentra with the speaker on the left side of the car not working, the CD player being irreversibly jammed, and the back right interior door handle falling apart (totally imagining that description because nobody would ever willingly drive a car like that…).



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