ICYMI: Kelly And Michael Dancing With Silentó


Everyone knows I’m a huge Kelly and Michael fan.  There’s no better way to start your day.  No joke I wouldn’t want to spend 9am-10am with anyone else because they are such a delight.  And with yesterday’s Silentó performance, my excitement was through the roof.  I couldn’t sleep Monday night, tossing and turning, anxious for 9am.  It did not disappoint.  His performance wasn’t all that great if we’re being real.  Him and his dancers were so nonchalant but still had so much swag.

As hyped as I was for the performance, it was Kelly and Michael that I was really stoked for.  Silentó’s “walk-through” was hilarious but so perfect.  They wanted to learn the moves, so he cut out the bullshit and got right to it.  “First you whip.  And then you nae nae.  Then you whip, whip.  Then you nae nae.”  Brilliantly and eloquently said.  The best part hands down was when he cued the music and proceeded to still sing the intro (You already know who it isssssss) for really no reason.  It’s clear that’s his favorite part of the song, no lack of energy either time.  I laughed out loud, and I’ve re-watched that part a thousand times and will continue to watch and laugh a thousand times more.


PS – Would you rather have a hit song (and be a one hit wonder) OR have a famous line/audio clip in a bunch of songs (ex. Mustard on the beat) OR be a hype man for a rapper?  Impossible question.  Slight advantage for hype man if you ask me.



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