How About Those People Who Have Full Conversations At The Bus Stop?

I’m not going to go into much detail as to why I was at the bus stop this morning being that one of the perks of being retired is the right to not tell anyone anything.  With that being said, I’m at the bus stop this morning with all the zombies on their daily commute to New York City.  I wait for the bus for a few minutes and the entire time I was standing there, two women were having a full conversation as if it was a Friday night at the bar.  Thinking back to my days in the workforce, it happens more often than you’d think.  You would never know it was 7am.  You would never know it was Monday morning.  Some of these people strike up a convo like it’s no big thing.

Give it a rest, people.  Don’t be a hero.  Nobody wants to be at the bus stop going to work.  It’s early, everyone is tired and anxiously awaiting the bus arrival so they can squeeze in another hour of sleep before working for the man all day.  The last thing I want to do at the BUS STOP at the crack of dawn is talk to anyone.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a complete stranger or my best friend.  Other than a forced, brief “hey” to someone I know, no words need be exchanged.  Even that’s pushing it.  The “head nod acknowledgement” is equally as effective and requires much less effort.

Talking to people is so outplayed.  No thanks, not for me.

PS – The people who speak ON the bus need to go play in traffic.



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