The Worst Acted Scene In Cinematic History

(Watch until the runner is called out at home)

Let me first say that Rookie Of The Year is an awesome movie.  I still wake up wishing I was Henry Rowengartner.  Once in a while I contemplate breaking my arm in hopes that my tendons will heal too tight, and the result is my new ability to throw 100+ mph.  Although with my luck I’ll either break my neck by mistake or encounter some kind of foreign staph infection and have to get it amputated.  That being said, for a short period of time, Henry Rowengartner, simply put, was the absolute man pots and pans.

I’m a big proponent of the suspension of disbelief notion, but sometimes you cannot ignore bad acting.  And even though this before Gary Busey lost like half of his brain, it’s still Gary Busey we’re talking about.  And he’s a baseball pitcher for crying out loud, which is hysterical if you think of what he’s like now.

This scene is maybe the most poorly acted scene of all time.  The guitar riffs, Gary Busey aka Chet Steadman aka Rocket grimacing in pain, the faces, etc.  I mean the guy looks like he got shot after he threw a baseball, let’s try to be a little more professional here holy moly.  The runner at third holds for no less than 10 seconds, which is an ETERNITY in baseball.  How about the sprint to home instead of just tossing the ball to the catcher?  Only Chet Steadman could pull that off.  John Candy out of his seat.  Henry’s mom with a weird cheer.  Can’t get over those guitar riffs at the perfect moments.  Laugh out loud funny.



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