Would Your Sacrifice Yourself, Mets Fans, For The Betterment Of The Team?

Okay, Mets fans.  Whether or not you believe that the Mets are cursed, there’s NO doubt that the last few decades have been plagued by frugal and incompetent ownership (to put things likely), amongst many things.  Strong players come to the Mets and their careers fall apart (Jason Bay, Robby Alomar, Bobby Bonilla, and the list continues).  The Mets find ways to screw things up like no other team can.  The misfortune is truly unparalleled.  Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme that has allegedly left the Wilpon’s financially crippled.  Luis Castillo’s dropped pop up against the Yankees.  Blowing a 7 game lead with 17 to play.  Tom Glavine’s implosion on the last day of the season in a playoff race.  And we can’t forget Endy Chavez’s in 2006 that would propel ANY other team to win that game (and the pennant).  This list continues as well.

So I ask you, how much does this team mean to you?  What would you give up to see this team win?  How far would you go to guarantee success for all of your teams moving forward?  Serious question – Would you sacrifice yourself to break this misfortune and solidify future success for the Mets?  Would you give yourself up as a public sacrifice so your fellow Mets fans can be happy.  You would not physically be around to see it, that’s the catch.  The Mets would go on to be champions, and they would no longer be the laughingstock of the league.  Your fellow fans would suffer no more.  Would you let the Wilpon’s and Sandy Alderson light you on fire as a gift to the gods for the betterment of the organization?

As a Mets/Jets/Rangers/Knicks fan, I know not what happiness really is.  Every season for as long as I can remember has ended with the same result in the sense that my team didn’t come out on top.  At this point, I don’t know if I’ll ever witness one of my teams win.  I would absolutely sacrifice myself.  I would be a god to my fellow fans.  Even without the public recognition, I would do it.  I would do it TODAY.  I would do it for everyone that has shared my struggle and shared my pain.  I would do it right now, no questions asked, if all of my teams could be winners down the road.  I wouldn’t even say goodbye to anyone.  And I would absolutely do it for the Mets in particular.  Mets fans deserve a title.  If I could help them achieve that, I’d sign for it instantly.

This doesn’t even have to be for strictly Mets fans, or Jets fans, etc.  Would you give yourself for your team(s)?



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