I Hate The MLB All Star Game, There I Said It

This week is the worst sports week of the summer.  Wimbledon just ended, football is still weeks away, and I’m pretty sure Wednesday is one of those few days of the year with ZERO pro sports on.  What a nightmare.  Only thing to “look forward to” is the god damn MLB All Star Game.  Somehow this is the most exciting of any of the major sports’ all star games.  It’s the only one that means anything.  Why is that?  Why does this game count?  The World Series home team is determined by this game.  It has nothing to do with which team is better, but which team belongs in the league that won the all star game.  Sorry, I don’t see how it makes sense.

How can a game count when FANS are voting in the starters?  Fans.  Not players, not coaches, FANS; people who don’t play baseball, many of whom don’t understand baseball so they just vote in players on their favorite team.  There’s like 8 KC Royals on the all star team.  At one point, they had 7 of 8 field starters.  How can we allow that possibility to continue?  And that’s mainly because their fans are losers and run pathetic marketing campaigns to get all their players in, regardless of if they’re actually deserving or not.  It’s the only way these small market teams can act like big fish.  Fans have a legitimate impact on a game that counts, and that’s just wrong.  The MLB perpetuates this flawed voting system, and until changes are made to this process, my bitterness towards it will only greaten.

Theoretically, a team who had ONE player in the ASG (and that player may have only been added to the lineup because there has to be at least one rep from each team) could find themselves as a Wild Card team in the playoffs, and make it to the World Series against the best team in baseball, and they would host Game 1 AND Game 7 because their league won the illegitimate ASG in July.  The team with the better record should be the higher seed in the World Series, no ifs ands or buts about it.  The fans are voting in their favorite players, not necessarily the best players, and it could have a legitimate, palpable effect on who wins the World Series.  Think about that.  And let’s not forget that half of the pitchers give up their spots to players who otherwise wouldn’t have been all stars because they pitched in the days leading up to the ASG.

If this game is going to count and have the same implications in terms of which league hosts the WS, then the fan vote needs to be taken out of the equation.  Managers and maybe players should have a say in which players are all stars, but the manager needs to make the final decision as far as who starts.  But realistically, this game should be an exhibition and nothing more.  Nobody gives a shit out any sports’ All Star Weekends.  Even the NBA Dunk Contest has lost its appeal.  The Home Run Derby changes formats every year, and the luster is completely depleted at this point.  I’ll probably have the game on my TV but by no means will I be genuinely tuned in.  I couldn’t care less who wins the game or who wins MVP or any of that nonsense.  Maybe I’d have more of a rooting interest if my team was a World Series contender, but they’re not, so I don’t.

The All Star Game sucks, plain and simple.  Awesome logo though, no doubts about that.



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