Japan’s World Cup Destiny Was Written In Stone Weeks Ago

Japan is so funny.  We wouldn’t be America without the help of the adorable folks of Japan.  Just a bunch of weirdos who can’t win a war or play soccer.  Did anyone think they actually had one iota of a chance last night?  That game was done before it even started.  Germany was the only game that mattered with last night’s finale just being the downhill stretch to the finish line.  There was no doubt the Mets were gonna win Game 7 after Buckner’s blunder in Game 6 back in 1986.  There was no doubt the US hockey team was going to beat whoever in the gold medal game after beating the Soviets.  And there was NO doubt we were going to lose to a country where a quarter of men haven’t had sex.

Let’s not forget about the Japanese goalie who straight up let a ball go in.  That doesn’t happen’t for no reason.  Japan signed their death warrant when that happened.  When she let the ball go past her, she was booking herself a reservation on a guillotine.  I’m not sure how you can come back from letting the other team score from 1000 miles away.  Goalie probably went sui (street term for “suicide”) mid-game.  You want THAT girl between the pipes to try to stop Carli Lloyd?  HAHAHAHAHA.

That was the biggest asswhooping I’ve ever seen.  I am not a person with much history of success in sports, so my teams rarely are on the winning end of a blowout.  It’s an interesting feeling, let me tell you.  KNOWING that your team is gonna win a few minutes into a game.  How about that?  I didn’t even know that was a thing.  It almost took the fun out of things.  In a big game especially, a large part of the fun is the excitement and uncertainty that anything can happen at any moment.  I was almost bored after the first 19 minutes.  Every single person knew we were gonna pour it on after the first goal.

Japan has no self respect.  How do they sleep at night after putting that team on the field.  No respect for themselves.  No respect for the integrity of sports.  No respect for the tradition of competition.  Pearl Harbor, people don’t forget.

I hate to be the guy who says “I told you so”……but I told you so.  Direct quotes from a blog written after the round of 16:

“I can’t wait for the US to kick their dicks in come July 5.”

“Japan has no chance with this idiot in net.”


Facts only.  What a weekend for this beautiful country.



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