My Buddy Claims He Hasn’t Gotten The Hiccups In Over 10 Years

This morning I brought up to my friend a previous claim of his regarding his self-proclaimed immunity to hiccups.  He went on to say it still stands true to this day.  In fact, he said he hasn’t gotten the hiccups in “over 10 years easily”.  That is the single greatest lie ever told.  Verbatim, he said he’s “immune to hiccups”.  Bro, EVERYBODY gets the hiccups.  I get them all the time, probably 3 times a week at least.  Have you ever eaten a whole bag of pretzels?  Hiccups come with it.  You get the hiccups.  Just like everybody else.  People get hiccups.  They just do.  It’s a very natural part of life.  You grow up, you get the hiccups, and you die.  They’re not optional, that’s just how it goes.  That’s SCIENCE.

Can’t trust a man who says he doesn’t get the hiccups.  Total wildcard and unpredictable.

You can lie to me all you want, but don’t lie to yourself.  Liar.



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