Ugliest Man In The Entire World Becomes A Father For The Eighth Time

Metro: A former cobbler who has been dubbed ‘Uganda’s Ugliest Man’ has become a father for the eighth time. Godfrey Baguma, 47, who is believed to suffer from a rare, unknown medical condition, and his wife Kate Namanda, 30, welcomed a baby girl. Baguma won the less-than-favourable title in 2002, after he entered the competition to make money for his cash-strapped family. Before his marriage to Kate, Godfrey had two children with his first wife – but their marriage came to an end when he caught her cheating with another man. 

Nothing like a nice uplifting story to kick off the week, let alone an undoubtedly long week leading up to a glorious holiday weekend.  Hideousness aside, this is the epitome of encouragement.  THIS GUY has had sex EIGHT times in his life.  Maybe more, who knows.  If this guy can get laid, any guy should be able to.  So this weekend when you’re at the bar celebrating this wonderful country’s independence getting wasted with your friends, just remember that this man has had sex before with a real life girl (8+ times) and so can you.  Keep swinging and keep your head up!

I can’t decide which is more surprising: A) the fact that his wife cheating on him was enough to end their marriage or B) she coming back to him a few months later.  It absolutely sucks that he looks that way, I don’t know if it could get any worse.  But if he thinks a female with fully functioning eyeballs is going to remain loyal and monogamous to him, his brain is as demented as his face is.  That’s the hard truth.  But her coming back to him is a real head scratcher.  My man must be hung like a moose below the belt.  He’s either laying the pipe or he’s sitting on millions of dollars (or in Uganda’s case, $30).  Take your pick on this one, both of those options are absurd.

Face legit looks like the guy in Scary Movie 3


I was very impressed to hear his voice.  Couldn’t even come close to understanding a word he said, but it sounded no different than Shaggy in ‘It Wasn’t Me’.  Matched pitch beautifully.  And this song is a jam.  Video is pretty freakish and unbearable but I could jam all summer to this.  Diabolical move to put a disabled midget in your music video to steal the limelight when your face looks like an everlasting gobstopper.




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