Shia LaBeouf Is Back Again And This Time With A Fire Flames Freestyle


My computer just went up in flames.  Anyone else?  What a talent this guy is.  A true entertainer.  They just don’t make em like that anymore.  He’s a man of many colors and professions.  Hole digger, motivational speaker, rap sensation.  Everyday it’s something else with Shia.  He plays by his own rules and for that I commend him.  Man bun becomes a thing, Shia goes with the ponytail.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Such a Shia thing to do.

Where is he?  After the first 45 seconds I realized there’s a good chance he’s in a country where nobody speaks English.  I wholeheartedly believe he just stumbled into some third world country and met some natives who were dumbfounded that a white man with tattoos and a ponytail wandered into their tribe and proceeded to freestyle rap for them.  Not sure where the camera came from though, that threw me off a bit.

Freestyles always amaze me.  I feel like everyone is always waiting for that one punch line and even if it sucks or doesn’t rhyme everyone goes crazy.



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