We Need To Talk About The Japanese Goalie Who Literally Let The Ball Go In

Umm what the fuck was that?  Did she have a stroke?  It looks like her motor skills completely broke down.  I’m talking full nervous system failure.  I have never seen anything like this in my entire life.  I’ve played and watched a lot of soccer (mostly watched, from the bench), and this is arguably the most perplexing moment ever on a soccer field.  Bounces right off of her and then she drops to the floor after the ball is well behind her.  It’s almost like when the TV picture is a little off from the sound.  This chick was on a strange delay here.  I’ve watched this a thousand times, and my brain has turned into goo trying to make sense of this.

Just to paint the picture here, this was a 2-0 game before this happened.  Over under was 2.5.  This goalie 1000% had money on the over.  She’s no different than Pete Rose.  If you’re gonna fix a game babe, try to be at least a little subtle about it.  You can trip and fall, drop the ball out of your hands, take out a player and give them a penalty kick, but you can’t just let the ball go in like this.  This cannot be ignored, and I demand a thorough investigation.  These sneaky Japs are not getting away with this one.  Just because you’re the defending World Cup champs doesn’t give you the right to cheat without remorse and make a quick buck.  This play had ZERO impact on the outcome of the game, which makes it even more suspicious.  It’s principle.  This is just gonna get swept under the rug by FIFA because they’re a bunch of corrupt phony baloneys.

I can’t wait for the US to kick their dicks in come July 5*.

PS – Japan has no chance with this idiot in net.  When you have a SIX FOOT TWO goalie, you play her over the girl who’s body just stops working at a moment’s notice.

*Metaphorically speaking, of course, as this is the Women’s World Cup and the players (most likely) don’t have dicks.  It’s a figure of speech.


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